Water Damage Emergency

Insurance claims for water damage


A sewage backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Whether the backup is caused by  flooding or broken pipes, raw sewage is the last thing you want inside your home. This is one task that is best left to the professionals. The longer the sewage sits, the worse the problem gets. Raw sewage carries a variety of germs and bacteria that can make you sick. Recovering from a sewage backup isn’t just about cleaning the dirt and waste out of your home. There are often related problems to be dealt with, including water damage, mold bio hazard, and broken plumbing or septic system.

Water leaks can be found behind walls, underground, ceiling and can be caused when the plumbing materials rust, erode, or break down from wear and tear or even abrasive chemicals. The first step to fixing a slab leak is to find precisely where the problem lies. For this our experts use electronic leak detection to accurately locate the source of leaks without the expense or damage of excavation.

Your insurance company will cover the costs of repairing your home, helping you get your life back on track as soon as possible if adequate insurance has been purchased. Most homeowner’s, however, are not well prepared and don’t ever know where to begin when filling an insurance claim. Our technicians will help you with the specific steps to be taken in order to ensure a smooth process.