Drain Cleaning Services

 Clogged or slow-running drains can be caused by many reasons. Everyday hair, soap, grease, food debris, paper product, and even jewelry pieces or on occasional toy get washed down the drain. After time these cause buildup or clump together to form a blockage. left unchecked, blockages lead to backups that can cause more than just a mess- broken pipes, mold, and ruined laundry or flooring are just a few of the costly potential damages. Before reaching for caustic liquids be aware that these often worsen the clog. All drains empty into a sewer line, then lead to a city sewer lines or septic tank. Regular maintenance of drains and pipes will prevent many issues, saving you money and avoiding a mess. Small problems can become big emergencies if left untreated. DRAIN FIRST is ready to help.

Drain Cleaning Tips:

  • Only toilet paper is designed to disintegrate. Do not flush sanitary products, paper towels, baby wipes or makeup wipes.
  • Limit grease & food in kitchen drains
  • Never insert anything into a pipe or drain! This can push the blockage further into the pipe.
  • Drains with traps should be inspected routinely to prevent flooding.