High Pressure Pipe Cleaning

 Hydro-jetting also known as high pressure pipe cleaning uses a state of the art equipment specifically designed that can cut through any obstruction in your drain line. Whether it’s grease, hair, sediment, sludge or even roots, the proper operation of your drain will get stopped eventually. Hydro-jetting uses concentrated pressure and high velocity to blast water through your sewer lines, removing any blockages in your sewer system.

Hydro-jetting is usually the first approach we recommend to clear blocked lines. It solves your problem fast, clearing the way for your sewer pipes to flow cleanly, without disruption or backflow. Except in instance of a collapsed line or otherwise faulty pipe, the hydro-jet equipment keeps your lines clear and functioning properly with a regular maintenance program.

Drain First has pioneered a comprehensive commercial plumbing preventive maintenance program custom designed for each type of business. If you use your grease trap on a regular basis, you are at risk in clogging up your plumbing system. By performing on routine plumbing maintenance on the entire plumbing system, you can prevent business interruptions and property damage.

Signs You Need a Hydro-jetting:

  • Drains won;t empty properly.
  • Sinks with standing water.
  • Lack of  water pressure
  • Back-ups in your drain line.