Pipe Bursting Method

Pipe bursting is one of the most modern and effective methods of pipe repair, and it has become a main alternative to outdated methods that require the digging of a trench.

Pipe bursting if often preferred when the existing pipe is so badly damaged or deteriorated that it simply has to be replaced. The pipe bursting method involves pulling a new pipe through the damaged water or sewer pipe. The new pipe is pulled through the damaged pipe using a high powered pulling machine, while concurrently breaking the outer pipe.

The new pipe is often rated for several years, and the material for the new pipe will be carefully selected so that it is the best match for the type of environment that will be in, and the strain that it will be under.

If you are seriously considering a pipe bursting, you should be sure to work with a well-qualified company that has the personnel and the experience to handle the job and ensure that it goes the way you expect. As a professional plumbing company we will have several modern methods that can be use to repair your current pipes including pipe bursting, pipe lining, and others, and we have the experience with these and other repair methods.