Leak Detection and Repair Service

 As a service company Drain First Plumbers see all different types of water leaks. Most major leak repairs require leak detection services to locate the source of the leak. But pipe breaks can happen unexpectedly as well.

Slab leaks:  Are typically from pressurized copper pipes leaking and can be found under or in concrete floors. Electronic detection is used on slab leaks to avoid property damage that is often associated with other types of leak detection that use demolition tools to locate leaks.

In wall leaks: These leaks are also difficult to reach and require cutting into the wall to fix, adding drywall repair & sometimes paint to the total cost.

Broken water pipe:  A broken pipe usually happens suddenly. These types of leaks can cause a lot of damage to flooring and furniture.

A water leak in your home or business can cause you a lot of stress and money. A lot of times a person don’t know they have a leak until they see the damage or receive a high water bill. Leak detection is the process whereby the source of a leak and its location in a plumbing system can be identified, in many cases with pinpoint accuracy.  Locating a leak can be tricky and requires a professional to locate and repair. When performed by a professional plumber, leak detection can greatly reduce the time it takes to determine the source of a leak and enable the plumber to make the necessary repairs more quickly with minimal interruption to a customer’s home or business and as a result it can also save the customer money.

Signs that you should be aware of:

  • Your water bills have increased drastically over the last few months.
  • You can’t escape the sound of running water even though no water is running in your home.
  • Cracks or bubbles in your walls or flooring.
  • Mildew or moisture under carpets or flooring.
  • Certain areas of your floor are extremely warm.
  • Water meter dial is moving when there is no water running inside of the property.
  • Unusual smells coming from the sewer.