Sewer Clean-out Access Point

 What is a Sewer Clean-out?

Plumbing pipes run all through a house. They come together in main pipe system called a stack. From there, the sewage runs out of the house and into the country sewage system or a septic tank. Stuff happens, though, such as clogs of a dozen different types stopping a pipe from allowing waste water through. A sewer clean-out allows a snake or a hydro jetting tool to disperse the clog and get things running again. Waste water isn’t only smelly and unpleasant, it forms a health risk as well. When it seeps into the floors and baseboards before it’s cleaned up, waste water stays there, unless it’s cleaned immediately by professionals. Additionally, dangerous gases build up in piping. without sewer clean-out with a proper cap on it, those gases could get into the air around the house or inside the house.

Where are Sewer Clean-out Pipes Located?

Not all plumbing is done to code, or in some places at least just enough to pass code.In fact, most homeowners don’t know where their clean-outs are located or even what they do.  While most clean-outs are located outside the home, some (especially in older homes) are located inside. That could put the clean-out in several places, better way of getting at the clog than removing a fixture like a toilet to get at the clog. The pipes will generally be either cast iron or PVC (plastic) piping with a cap either plastic, brass, or cast iron on top. First, if you have a sewage problem, turn off the water immediately and stop using water fixtures like the washing machine and toilet. Second, find the sewer clean-out outside the house. Drain First Plumbers is available 24/7 for all of your plumbing needs. If you need help with a blockage, then please feel free to contact us for more information and help.